• Can you commit to change?

    Kilian Muster

    Feb. 4, 2014 at 10:04

    Here is some advice if you want to try out Qortex and really see how it can make your life easier: commit to a trial.

    You can’t swim with just one toe in the water 

    Let me explain. Probably the seemingly obvious (yet flawed) way of trying out Qortex would be to sign up, invite a few of your employees or colleagues, and have a stab at Qortex using it along with all the other tools you are already using.

    This approach, as straightforward as it may sound, evades most of the key benefits of Qortex: reducing noise and focusing your communication efforts on one platform, thus increasing productivity. Adding more and more tools will only accomplish the opposite.

    • Your data is spread all over the web, on different platforms and services
    • Information overload through too many services/platforms in use
    • Confusion about where to share and where to find which information (due to too many platforms, protocols and services)

    Qortex is here to solve the problems above by replacing some or maybe all of your current communication channels, consolidating them on one platform. When all your data is in one place, there is just one location to find it, to ask questions, to share important things, to do your project management.

    Qortex really shines if it is used as the main platform for communication for one or several projects or even better as the main platform for communication and project management for one or several teams.

    Trying with minimal Commitment

    Naturally we cannot expect you to drop all the trusted tools you are using currently only to use an unknown platform without prior evaluation, so here is our idea how you could just try Qortex while reaping most of the benefits that it offers.

    Approach A: Commit a Project

    Find one project that requires a lot of communication and get the whole team working on the project to join you on Qortex.

    Try to use Qortex as the main platform for communication, file exchange, chat and project management for this one project and see how it works for you.

    Approach B: Commit a Team

    Find one team in your company that needs to communicate a lot, and is in dear need of a good platform to communicate better.
    Possible candidates for such a team could be:

    1. Your marketing department (lots of communication needed)
    2. Your developers (lots of communication and task management needed).
    3. A team that has members in different physical locations, so communication via the Internet is a given already.
    4. A team that needs to communicate a lot with clients or vendors and isn’t quite happy with their current platforms/tools.

    You can have all team members join Qortex and create groups for projects, activities and clients of that team.

    Dive in and check out how much more effective communication and collaboration can be using Qortex to replace all of your tools for at least one team or project.

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