• Qortex Redesign: Inspired by Google’s Material Guidelines

    Kilian Muster

    Oct. 15, 2014 at 03:05

    Qortex has been in development for over two years, advancing with new features at a staggering pace.

    With all this added functionality, “cruft” has been accumulating that was tainting the originally clean and functional interface, so we needed to take a good look at what whe had and where we could improve things.

    Press Reset

    Just in time for our redesign, Google happened to release their Materials design guidelines and we really loved what Google did.

    We agreed right away to make this the starting point for our reworked Qortex UI, allowing us to focus on the layout improvements at large without having to worry about font metrics, spacing, padding, etc. – most of which was dealt with in Google’s guidelines (we still made a few adjustments, so Qortex new design is inspired by Google Materials rather than an exact implementation).

    Things we Tried to Solve

    Unified Updates & Notifications

    To get a complete overview of all the things going on in Qortex that are relevant to you, you had to look in two places: the timeline in My Feed and the notifications menu.

    Previously: 2 Places to Keep Track


    New: Unified Updates & Notifications

    With the redesign we have unified all of the information into the My Feed timeline.
    If you only want to see updates and messages directly for you, just click on the tab NOTIFICATIONS. Now general updates to groups you are following will be filtered out, leaving only the content directed at you.


    My To-Dos Expanded

    Since My To-Dos is the first place to check on the status of things to do, we have extended it so you can display To-Do information about others as well. With a new set of filters on top of the list, you can now e.g. show only To-Dos you have assigned to a specific colleague, or get a list of all To-Dos assigned to you as “pending review”.


    Cleaner Layout, More “Air” to Breathe

    Entry content and other elements now span over the full entry width, this allowed us to reduce the number of lines/separators within an entry, and thus a lot of visual “noise” caused by too many “boxes within boxes” is now gone and Qortex makes it even easier to see what’s going on at a glance.


    There’s an incredible number of other improvements in the Qortex UI, too many to name them all here. Let us know what you think!

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