• Qortex Feature Spotlight

    Kilian Muster

    Mar. 27, 2013 at 02:33

    “Everything can be a Wiki”

    Everything you freshly post to Qortex is called an entry. All entries have a version history. To let others edit your entry simply check the box Anyone Can Edit when editing an entry.


    You can also add entries to the Knowledge Base, which has its own tab in every group to keep things you consider important knowledge for this group.

    Shared Groups

    Share groups with other organisations to collaborate with clients and vendors effectively. You can share a group with several organisations and use it to manage joint projects together: posting entries and exchanging comments, files and more.

    Sharing groups externally can be setup from the Group Details, which you can find in the header of the groups timeline.


    You’ve Got Mail!

    Get Mail Updates from Qortex

    What if there’s an important update while you’re not able to browse the Qortex website, or if all you have access to is a mail client? You can always stay up-to-date with Qortex mail notifications.

    We don’t want you to read things you have already read, so we only send you mail notifications when you’re not logged in to Qortex and we only send you updates on things you haven’t already read. You can set how long Qortex will wait after going offline before you start getting updates, and you can select which kind of updates you want to receive.

    Access these settings from your user menu in the top right, General Preferences ▸ Mail Updates.

    Send Updates to Qortex

    Have you ever tried to copy & paste an important email to Qortex, or bring in attachments you received via mail? Not fun.

    That’s why you can send these mails straight into Qortex via your mail client.

    Each group has its own email address to directly post entries via mail. Simply open any group and click on Post via Mail in the group header to create a new mail that will be sent to this group.


    Qortex Support

    Qortex Support is a special group for announcements of new features to all Qortex users. And as the name indicates it is your hotwire to the Qortex Support team.


    You can give us direct feedback or ask us everything you always wanted to know about Qortex (but were afraid to ask) directly from within Qortex. Don’t worry, your feedback will stay only between you and us.

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