• Project Management just got Smarter

    Kilian Muster

    Jan. 13, 2014 at 20:13

    Based on feedback from our users we have rolled out dozens of improvements to project management. Here are but two of them:

    To-Do from Text Selection

    This is one very useful, but somewhat hidden feature: making a To-Do from a text selection.

    How to Use

    Simply select any text in an entry or comment and click the check mark.

    This will trigger a To-Do popup with the title pre-filled. All you need to do is enter a description, click “Post” and you’re done!

    Use Cases: 

    • You go to a meeting and take notes for sharing with your group. Several of the points you note should be turned into actionable items. Now, it’s simple: just select the text you want to turn into a To-Do and you are one click away from turning it into a task.
    • You write a specification for a new feature. Now you want to turn these specifications into discrete To-Dos. Select, click and you’re done!
    • You are discussing something on Qortex. You have a good idea. Now you are just a mouse click away from turning this into a concrete task.

    Downloadable To-Dos

    Our new project management features let you use Qortex to estimate and track time; however, until now you couldn’t really do much with that collected data. Wouldn’t it be nice to get all that data into a spreadsheet and be able to work on it? Now, in the To-Dos section of each group you will find an “Export All to CSV” link that lets you download the data for your To-Dos in CSV format, that you can then use in Excel or many other applications for invoicing or custom reports.

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