• Multilingual: Where Content is King

    Kilian Muster

    Jan. 28, 2014 at 08:56

    Multilingual support often only means: “Yes we have translated the user interface into several languages”. But honestly what good is that? Most people can quickly learn to use an application in a foreign language, because they repeat the same steps every day.

    The real problem in communication across country and language borders is the communication itself. While many people already use English as the big mediator, you simply can’t expect everyone to be perfectly fluent in a second language. And so, a lot of communication stops at the language barrier, or simply isn’t read by the people who should read it.

    Qortex is now simplifying the process to get your message out in all languages relevant to you…

    Multilingual Posts

    We are introducing a new feature that extends our existing on-the-fly machine translation with permanent human translations. Every entry in Qortex can now exist as one entry with several language versions, which will be displayed in whatever language each user prefers.

    If you have setup your organisation for several languages, you will be able to use this feature right away (if you haven’t you can do so from “Organization Settings” within the triangle menu on the top left of your screen).


    You can easily add languages in the section “Localisation Settings”. As soon as you have more than one language set for your organisation, multilingual features will be enabled automatically and you can start translating your entries.


    Localizing Content

    The process is easy. If there is a new entry that you want to translate into another language used in your organization, you can add another language version with a few clicks from the Edit menu and make it available to everyone else.


    Entry Translation Editor


    Once you save your translation, everyone who has set his/her preferred language to your translated language will be able to see the entry right away in the right language.

    Peek over the fence

    You can also check out what other translations already exist and display them right away via the same Edit menu:


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