• Pay for Qortex, or Don’t

    Kilian Muster

    Mar. 31, 2014 at 03:54

    Our payment system is now online which is good news for everyone who has been waiting to pay. For everyone else: stay around you can keep on using Qortex with all the core features for free.

    Qortex Free

    Sign up for Qortex Free to start using Qortex right away and give your communication the transparency and clarity it deserves.

    What else do you get with the free account? All the core features of Qortex (chats, discussions, soon to come mobile apps, knowledge bases, and translation/multilingual features). You can create your own groups (as many as you like) plus you can join groups shared to you by other organizations.

    But we also give you all the Qortex Pro features to try out for 30 days (because we believe you will love them) after which you can stay on Qortex Free or upgrade to Pro.

    Qortex Pro

    Qortex Pro is the full fledged version of Qortex with all the advanced features for task management, file sharing, advanced notification and acknowledgements, and the ability to share your groups to any number of other organizations for smooth collaboration across companies.

    Qortex Enterprise

    If you want to run Qortex on your own servers, need more control, more customization, or just more of anything, the enterprise version is what you are after.

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