More Options, More Customization, More Security

Hosting & Security Options

  • Maximum Security

    Your corporate policy requires you to run all IT systems within your corporate LAN? No problem. Qortex can be run off your own servers, administered either by your own IT staff or our admin team. Whatever policies and security measures you have in place, Qortex will become an exemplary citizen of your corporate network.

  • Maximum Integration

    Need to integrate Qortex with your own systems? We can help you.
    With years of experience creating bespoke solutions for international corporations, we have just the team with the expertise you are looking for.

  • Maximum Customization

    Go beyond systems integration and customize Qortex to perfectly fit your organization. If you want features in Qortex specially developed for you, we have some of the best developers in the business to create just what you need.

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Professional Support Options

  • Move Platforms with Confidence

    Move on from mailing lists and inflexible intranets to a more modern and enticing way of internal communication and knowledge sharing.

    If you are not sure how to tackle the whole transition, we can help you to find the best solution.

  • Our consultants can analyze your setup and how you are using communication tools in your company. Reviewing your processes and workflows we can prepare a plan for your transition to Qortex including customization, integration and optimal hosting plans. We'll make sure your move to Qortex will be a smooth and successful one.

  • Beyond the Specs

    Of course we are not only consulting on technical features, we can analyze and offer possible improvements to existing processes in your company, to enable smoother communication and a more effective worflow regarding knowledge and information sharing.

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Limitless Customization

  • Branding

    If consistent brand apprearance across all your communication channels is important to you, we can give Qortex a visual makeover to make it speak your brand. You can also run Qortex Enterprise on your own domain.

  • Integration

    To really make Qortex the place where all the pieces come together, we can help you pull all important data from your existing systems and databases into Qortex or have certain events outside of Qortex trigger actions within Qortex.

  • Custom Feature Development

    If there's one missing feature holding you back from using Qortex, we can build it. We have years of experience developing bespoke systems for international enterprises with unique requirements.

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  • We Support Your Cause.

    If you are a non-profit organization, or if you dedicate your work and life to a good cause, let us know. We’ll be proud to give you special discounts or let you use Qortex for free.

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