• Advanced Task Updates: Prioritization Improvements and New Milestone Feature

    Van Hu

    2014年4月3日 11:32

    By popular request we have released several optimizations to Task Management. To take advantage of this feature, you will first need to enable Task Management features from your Group Settings.


    Improvements to the Priority View:


    1. Items that have not yet been prioritized are shown highlighted with an orange edge at the bottom of the list.

    2. Items that need attention (Estimation not set, Assignee Pending) are shown with an alert icon.

    New Feature: Milestones.

    To add a milestone, first click on Change Priority/Milestones and then click the Insert Milestone button.


    You can then add a title and date and drag and drop the Milestone to the desired position. You’ll likely want to add more than one Milestone. In this example, I’m calling the first Milestone “This Week”, and the second Milestone “Someday”. Adding titles and dates are optional and in this example I’m omitting the date on the Someday Milestone.

    Now save your Milestones. If you have enabled Estimates or Time Tracking you will see the relevant subtotals under each milestone and the total at the bottom of the entire list.


    That’s all for now. Please let us know if you like the new Priority View and Milestone features and if you have any suggestions on making them better.