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The Best of Both Worlds

Now you can have it all: world class clutter-free communication and advanced task management on one social productivity platform.

Turn a chat into an entry and share it with others. Turn it into a To-Do effortlessly. Set work statuses, reassign tasks, track time and estimates within one intuitive interface. Make Qortex match your workflow with a few adjustments.

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Estimation & Time Tracking Done Right

By collecting information only in small chunks – right when the information is needed, Qortex lets you easily accumulate more data with less effort.

Estimating can be a tedious task, and properly tracking the time spent on your work is the one thing most easily neglected, yet most important to your bottom line.

You can enable time tracking and estimating on a per group basis on Qortex. Once enabled, the system will enforce that estimates and time tracking is made by intelligently requiring the information from the right person at the right time.

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You’ll be asked to enter your time spent when handing off or closing a To-Do.
Qortex captures the needed information when it is still fresh in your memory.

All changes made to a To-Do are logged, so you won’t miss anything

Make it Your Own

Cookie-cutter approaches too often don’t cut it.
Make Qortex fit your needs exactly with customizable workflows.

Workflows can be vastly different not only between companies, but even from one department to another.

With the advanced task management features in Qortex you can customize each step in your To-Do’s lifecycle and make it match the way you work.

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Perfect fit for anyone

Every company is unique, every business has its own procedures. Qortex doesn’t expect you to adhere to its own jargon or workflow, instead you have complete freedom to add your own statuses for each step in the lifecycle of a To-Do. You can even define different statuses for each group in Qortex – each group or project can have their own way of doing things.

Customize your labels

Labels are a handy way to sort or group different types of To-Dos. Make any number of your own defined labels to organize your To-Dos as you want or indicate to others how certain To-Dos are supposed to be handled.

  • We Support Your Cause.

    If you are a non-profit organization, or if you dedicate your work and life to a good cause, let us know. We’ll be proud to give you special discounts or let you use Qortex for free.

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