Qortex for Multi-National Companies

Overcome language-barriers and country borders – no visa required.

Speaking Your Language

Qortex now supports multilingual entries, so any entry can exist in several languages.

Qortex will automatically display entries in your preferred language, and if it is not available in any of your preferred languages, you can get a quick machine translation, or add one yourself.
This breaks down collaboration barriers for multinational corporations and companies in countries with several official languages. Don’t let languages or country borders hold back your workforce.

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Mixing Languages

Qortex currently is localized into English, Chinese with Japanese and German to follow very soon. You can also post entries in almost any thinkable other language*.

Because Qortex supports Unicode, the accepted international encoding standard, you can post entries in any number of languages*, including most European languages, Japanese, Chinese, Devanagari, Thai, Korean and many more… You can even mix them within one entry without having to worry about scrambled letters.

* If your browser and operating system support it. Right-to-left languages not supported yet

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Connecting Offices – Connecting Teams – Connecting People

The world is ever shrinking – companies of all sizes now have offices and employees working for them around the globe. This poses whole new challenges for effective teamwork across country borders, cultures and time-zones. Qortex is an ideal platform to cross all of these boundaries and help teams and individuals grow together through continuous exchange of thoughts and ideas between all employees.

With offices around the globe teamwork has to grow beyond the local office. Real team spirit, however only awakens when real people grow together. Qortex is a catalyst for this sense of unity that arises from open communication beyond borders.

For companies with teams in different locations this exchange can foster a new sense of "togetherness" beyond the local office, improving collaboration throughout the company regardless of location.

  • We Support Your Cause.

    If you are a non-profit organization, or if you dedicate your work and life to a good cause, let us know. We’ll be proud to give you special discounts or let you use Qortex for free.

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