For teams that want to get forward quickly

Quickly Deployed

Since Qortex runs on the cloud you can start using it right away. No costly and time consuming setup is required, neither do you need a team of IT specialists to get it running.

Just register your first user account, setup your organization, and then invite your team to join you on Qortex. Grow your team organically and keep adding users — and if at some point the future you want to move your whole company to Qortex, maybe with your own branding and running it on a private cloud we have many options for you in our Qortex Enterprise offering.

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Keep the Conversation Going

With email discussions, it’s up to you to decide who to involve and who not. Qortex gives people the freedom to follow discussions and topics at their own discretion — even people not directly involved can contribute and enrich the conversation.

Companies with teams working in different locations or countries will find team members interact more, regardless of location, and grow closer — a sense of "togetherness" emerges.

Everyone in your team can read and reply to discussions at their own pace. There's no need to be in the same room, or online at the same time. Remotely located members can join discussions and contribute regardless of time shifts or where they are located on the globe.

Moving your team to Qortex, you will find that even people joining later, can easily enter any previous discussion and follow up on things that were discussed before they even were on the team.

Use it Your Way

Stay logged in all day long on your Web browser, or simply check what's new on your smartphone.

Or if you can't bother, let Qortex send you updates to your email inbox. Whatever working style you prefer, Qortex supports it.

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Communicate from anywhere

Just login to Qortex via your browser when you're in the office, check and contribute from your smartphone on the road. If you want to stick with mail or you just can't login, get your updates via mail.
Qortex is smart enough to support your way of using it, so it won't send you mail updates while you are logged in – because we know your time is too precious to be bothered with stuff you have already read.

Chat the Way You Want

Many applications will let you chat, but Qortex lets you chat in the browser or many chat clients* and save and share those chats with ease. If inspirations strikes in a casual conversation, rest assured that you can share these ideas and discuss them with no effort on Qortex.

*Chat clients supporting the Jabber (XMPP) protocol.

Expand Your Reach

Chances are, you will like using Qortex so much that you want to use it with your clients and vendors. Qortex is built for sharing beyond your team, and it's dead simple to setup.

It's easy for any team on Qortex to expand their reach and use it for communicating with clients and vendors. Any group in Qortex can be shared with another organization – and the best is: it's completely free for them!

On top of that: there is no limitation on the number of users for Qortex Free.

  • We Support Your Cause.

    If you are a non-profit organization, or if you dedicate your work and life to a good cause, let us know. We’ll be proud to give you special discounts or let you use Qortex for free.

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