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Reading more mail than necessary?

Email is pushed to you whether you want it or not. Wasting precious time having to read mails that are not really meant for you is a nuisance.

Setting up the filtering and sorting is left to you and it’s not always perfect. So you end up doing a lot of manual sorting and deleting of mails you never needed or wanted to read in the first place.

  • There’s a Better Way

    On Qortex communication is organized into groups. What you base these groups on is up to you: clients, projects, departments or a mixture of all. What’s important is that you get to decide which discussions you want to follow and which not. You can also change your mind any time and even read-up on the communication that happened meanwhile.

    When people post entries or comments in a group they are already saved in the right place and only people interested who are following the group will be notified of new entries.

  • Low Carbon Diet

    With mail you often need to CC ("carbon copy") people to keep them informed, always worrying you could miss someone important. Some of the CC recipients were put in there by others, so you leave them in to be safe and the list of CC-ed people keeps growing. Do all these people really want to read all your messages?

    On Qortex you just communicate without these worries. Rest assured that a discussion about jet propulsion engines is not going to bother the graphic designer (unless he’s genuinely interested in the topic).

Manage Your Projects

When delegating to others you need to rely on things getting done. When assigning To-Dos to to others in Qortex you can track their status as well as estimates and time spent.

  • Know What’s Been Done.

    See all open tasks for you, the ones you assigned to others or all the tasks in a group. You can also check the workload of each member in your team.

    When questions come up, you can discuss them right in the To-Do on Qortex, so everything of relevance is kept in one location. You can customize the workflow for each group. To learn more see our pages on advanced task management with Qortex.

Overwhelmed by Too Much Information?

To ensure that your refuge from mail mayhem doesn’t leave you buried in an onslaught of posts and comments, Qortex takes a smarter approach and only shows you what you haven’t read yet.

  • Just the news, Ma’am

    Qortex will tuck away things you have already read, so you can focus on what’s new. If there are new comments on an entry you have already read, you will see the comments, with the actual entry collapsed to just the title.

    Only new content is shown right away, older entries or older comments are tucked away neatly.

    This means less distraction for you and an immediate grasp of what’s new. You can always show the older content with a mouseclick, but it won’t clutter up your screen. Now the stuff you need to read is what you see. It’s that easy.

Communication with a volume knob.

If a discussion gets too noisy for you, or if your involvement in a project is over, just "tune out" – Qortex won't shower you with unwanted updates.

  • Unfollow a group with one mouseclick to stop getting updates about it. Silencing updates for individual discussions you commented on is also a snap – just mute them.
    That’s not all, Qortex is smart enough to only send you mail updates for things you haven’t read yet.

  • We Support Your Cause.

    If you are a non-profit organization, or if you dedicate your work and life to a good cause, let us know. We’ll be proud to give you special discounts or let you use Qortex for free.

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