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Communication for High Performance Teams
Turn Talk into Knowledge, Decision, and Action

In Today's Increasingly Complex Work Environment...

  • Top-down management often can't leverage
    individual expertise, nor engage their teams
  • I’m on my last legs…
  • You need real teamwork, where all team members
    can see what is going on and contribute
  • Yep, that sounds about right


  • Getting the whole team to meet and
    discuss things is a struggle every single time
  • Spare me, I’m busy enough
  • It seems like nothing ever sticks from
    weekly meetings anyway
  • Err, what was that about?

You need a space where your team can communicate
efficiently and get real work done

Now you're talking

where ideas and action meet

9 Ways Qortex Makes Your Life Easier

    → Less Internal Emails

    See at a glance what you have read and what’s new. No tedious searching through an endless list of messages.

    → Information Pre-Sorted

    Decide for yourself which groups to follow and only read what you need. Stay in control of the information flow.

  • CALENDAR → Share Time
    & Resources Efficiently

    Always know what’s next. Subscribe to your Qortex Calendar with Calendar/iCal on OS X or Outlook on Windows.

    → Keep Your Knowledge

    Keep project outlines and briefings together with your communication. Update documentation like a Wiki.

    → Finish Projects in Time

    Easy-to-use task management. You can also enable time tracking, milestones and customizable workflows for each group.

    → Never Drop the Ball

    Have Qortex remind you of things you wanted to keep around in intervals based on the forgetting curve.

    → Work With Partners

    Any team can use Qortex easily communicating with clients and vendors. Any group in Qortex can be shared with another organization - and the best is:
    it's completely free for your partners!

    → Global Team Building

    If you either need a quick machine translation or want to do it yourself, multilingual entries are just a click away.

    → Any Place Any Time

    Get our free native mobile app for iOS or Android. Reclaim your “downtime” and stay in touch wherever you go.

5 ways Qortex will improve your organization

  • Unify Your

  • Better Collaboration &

  • Make Your Company More

  • Increase Productivity,
    Efficiency, & Happiness

  • Better Communications
    with Partner Companies

  • My team of in-house search marketers has been using Qortex as a knowledge sharing platform to help foster better discussions, archive our shared knowledge and discussion topics and (most importantly) unclutter our eternally overstressed inboxes.

    We've been very happy with the streamlined, simple functionality and are looking forward to more widespread adoption within our international organization.

    Joseph Miller, SEO Analyst,
  • Using Qortex to replace email has allowed us to share necessary information with all staff efficiently.

    By allowing everyone to participate and contribute to any case we are handling, Qortex has helped employees to widen their knowledge and skill set. Qortex has proven to be a very powerful tool to manage work progress, what’s more it has also helped improve employees’ motivation and expertise.

    M. Matsumoto, CEO, Matsumoto Accounting & Consulting
  • Qortex is an extremely efficient and effective way of communicating within a team. While email is direct and clear, time is often lost as there are no team oriented services to my knowledge that can organize team communication as effectively as Qortex.

    I especially liked the To-Dos and acknowledgement features: I can’t even begin to illustrate how completely frustrating it was to keep track of team tasks without Qortex. Line, Facebook or Email simply don’t cut it. Qortex is the ultimate team communication online experience.

    Rick Gao, Co-organizer, TEDxWasedaU

5 Steps for Smooth Qortex Deployment

  • Create Test Case Our team will support you during the trial phase, giving guidance on Qortex setup, data migration and training.
  • Feedback After receiving your feedback, we will help you adjust Qortex to tightly match your company's needs.
  • Optimize & Test After these adjustments, continue using Qortex in your test case to make sure that it is well suited to your team and you see the value of deploying to a larger group.
  • Invite Team &
    Announce Launch
    Announce the launch in your company and invite all of your teams to join.
  • Start Using Qortex
    Monitor Usage
    The first few weeks will be key to making sure everyone is comfortable using Qortex to collaborate. The big gains will come after everyone uses Qortex as their go-to place.